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Fighting For Second Chances For College Students Facing Criminal Charges

Many young people come face to face with the responsibilities of the adult world when they head off to college. Very few of them – or us, if we remember our own college days – get it right all the time. “Adulting” can have a steep learning curve. Unfortunately, making a mistake that leads to an arrest can derail a student’s plan for the rest of their life.

At my law firm, The Law Office Of Melinda Knowles, LLC, I lead with compassion when working with college students and their parents in the Myrtle Beach area. I believe that no one should have to pay for a moment of poor judgment with their future.

Many colleges can threaten suspension or expulsion when a student is facing a criminal charge. I explore all the options my clients have available to them to avoid this fate as well as consequences such as jail time or heavy fines. I keep the student and their family up to date on how the case is progressing. I am attorney Melinda Knowles, and my ultimate goal when working with college students is delivering an outcome that provides them with a second chance.

Even Misdemeanor Charges Can Get You Kicked Out Of School

Many of my college student clients attend Coastal Carolina University (CCU), the same university where I received my own undergraduate degree in 2001. My experience at CCU, along with my 16 years of legal experience in the state of South Carolina, help me defend students who have been charged with offenses such as the following:

Some of these charges are considered misdemeanors, but that does not mean that they should be taken lightly. Letting the justice system run its course without an advocate by your side is too risky and not wise. Don’t risk your scholarships, graduate school, or future professional opportunities.

Trust An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to Protect Your Future

A criminal conviction can follow you for decades ultimately limiting your life’s goals and dreams. I am an attorney who cares about the future of each client, so I work hard to help minimize the consequences that follow a poor decision, and I fight for an outcome that gets your life back on track. Call my office in Conway at 843-488-0778 or send me an online message to set up a free initial consultation.