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Don’t Take Traffic Tickets Lightly

You may not have the knowledge or training to fight a traffic ticket, but at the The Law Office Of Melinda Knowles, LLC, I do. I have been serving the Conway and Myrtle Beach communities as a traffic ticket lawyer for years. I have a strong grasp of South Carolina traffic law and can use it to your advantage. I will gather the facts of your case to build a strong defense.

I am a client-focused attorney who picks up the phone any time to help my clients. I make a point to work closely with them to get to know them and ensure they get the representation they need from their counselor and legal advocate.

The Consequences Of Receiving A Ticket

Depending on the severity of your traffic violation and your driving record, a ticket could lead to:

  • Expensive fines
  • An increase in your insurance rates
  • License suspensions
  • Jail time

My help as your legal representation can fight the lasting consequences of a conviction to protect your rights and future from these charges.

Start Your Defense Now

I can help you fight a variety of traffic violations, including speeding, failure to stop at a stop sign and reckless driving. I will do my best to minimize fees and penalties while protecting your driving record.

I am a solo practitioner, so you can expect personal service. Get in touch with me today through my online form or by calling 843-488-0778 for the individual attention your case needs.